A young Navid Mokhberi in Stockholm
Sebastian Holmbäck, Product Designer
Jocelyn Mason, Production Lead

About us

MCKNGBRD is a project that grew from a strong desire to bridge the worlds of high-end accessories and personal tech. Founder Navid Mokhberi, a design and tech aficionado who was born in Iran, raised in Sweden and now based in California, set out to create the kind of cases he himself wanted to own: hardworking, versatile and exquisitely made. Navid’s lifelong love of Scandinavian design is a cornerstone of the MCKNGBRD concept. Designed in Denmark by accomplished product designer Sebastian Holmbäck, the cases exhibit the clean lines and rigorous functionality typical of Nordic style. But, like its founder, MCKNGBRD has been shaped by more than one culture. Under the expert eye of luxury accessories designer Jocelyn Mason, the cases have been further developed, refined and infused with hand-finished details that are executed by experienced craftsmen in a small Los Angeles factory, where every single case is made with love.

MCKNGBRD operates as a Benefit Corporation, meaning that we meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. Benefit Corporations are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

The Mockingbird Motif

Because your tech goes with you everywhere, its cases should fit into every aspect of your life. Refined enough for the boardroom, rugged enough for an afternoon hike, MCKNGBRD borrows its versatile spirit from its namesake, the resourceful mockingbird. The mockingbird’s unique ability to mimic the sounds of its environment makes it one of nature’s most skilled adopters. Our goal is to make products that are just as adept and capable of being in the world.

The Innocence Project

Another dimension of the mockingbird theme is manifested in the company’s charity contributions. Taking inspiration from Atticus Finch, the hero of Harper Lee’s classic novel, MCKNGBRD actively contributes to the fight for criminal justice. A portion of our proceeds go to the Innocence Project, an organization that exonerates the wrongly convicted through DNA testing and reforms the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice. Its mission is to free the staggering number of innocent people who remain incarcerated, and to bring reform to the system responsible for their unjust imprisonment.


memories of the soft light from the 

screen of a machine, from a time before the revolution of smart devices,

 when things were in a state of constant flux and 

excitement was in the air and I knew that nothing 

would be the same

 again and — a chain of thoughts 

suddenly interrupted                                                             by the

 pulsating, fading glow from the screen,

 almost like the slow breath of a human, a 

metamorphosis was taking place, a stationery 

companion would soon be replaced by a mobile 

counterpart, of a fragile nature, a treasure 

chest of memories, secrets and correspondence, in need

 of care and protection from the bumps in the road and our story has 

only just begun.